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I googled this but didn't find much, so it would be great to have all of the content in one place for people to get stunned by her vague answers.

When I asked her about how she felt towards the young gods, she responded "harmless".
How cool would it be to have Sliske fighting at our side against Xau-Tak?! :O

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If you ask her about the elder artifacts, she tells you that the remaining ones are the codex, the template, the hammer, and the needle. She tells you that you already know about the rest.

If you ask her what the elder gods are, she says to you, 'We are.'

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Here are the results for each of Jas' question.'s_Endgame#Jas_calls
I submissively obey Lady Seren's every whim and relish every waking moment willingly serving her. She is my mistress and I am nothing without her. I am without thought, self-awareness, and being without her. She is my everything.

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