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As revealed at Runefest 2016, sometime this year the next chapter in the Elder God questline will be released. Featuring Bik, the elder god under Entrana. And as I said in my last episode, Zaros went on a full on tantrum in Sliske's Endgame because Jas wouldn't let him be an Elder God because he cant create life from nothing. I believe the concept art of the quest shown at Runefest may have hidden meaning. We all know he stands no chance against Bik in a fight, so whats Zaros gonna do?

Its one of the oldest tricks in the book. One person denies you of something you want, go ask someone else.
Or perhaps this is a "Hey auntie look what I did!" tactic.
In either case something big is going to go down between Zaros and Bik in this quest.

But in the end, lets be realistic here. No matter how hard Zaros tries he CANT make life out of nothing.
And even if he does pull it off, he'd be the first ever known male Elder God. Whether or not Jas, Bik Wen and Ful would allow such a change I can't say. If it came down to it I think they would be more compelled to choose Seren over Zaros. Mainly because she's well, female.

This has been this week's episode of Lore Theories. The next one will be on January 26th I have things to do next week :(
And apologies for those who were wondering where I was last Thursday, I was busy.
I'm Lady Icyene, signing off.

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