Where are the Guardians?

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To answer your question to my best knowledge during my past time I was VIP and asked the questions.

1. The Guardians are busy doing their jobs, they did promise to help us in times they see they should arrive, of course this isn't to say it would be all the time. The only few We've helped would be Death. I picked him to kill Gielinor (god) during nomad's elegy, so maybe the other Guardians would arrive with him. They still have a role to bring in, but it might take some time as Jagex are trying to finish up with Gods' story line at the moment (which is why we are barely getting any Godless and other content as much. So maybe we will see them in the upcoming Godless quest they have planned.

2. According to death, he only managed to gather as many people as he could, that is why the Void knights, and more numbers of the Crux equal didn't arrive. Ocellus was stated to have been a different story in a Q&A, as the Guardians didn't trust him enough to collect him. So the other 2 were also not to be trusted, or maybe their task were too important to be left alone. Jagex did state that they were given a task and it was an important one, we just don't know yet.
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