Where is the bottle quests?

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As far as they were described, it seems they were more of a "would if we could" situation.

It's mostly up to the individual developers if they want to produce a bottle quest to go along with their larger piece of content. Given how the J-mods seem more time-constrained than ever, and all of the best ones in charge of more than one project at a time, it's probably just been too difficult for them to put any out.

It's possible we could see more this year, but it boils down to how much time the J-mods really have to make any. It'd be nice to get them for larger pieces of content (GWD2, for example), but we have had some pre-release content that was in the theme of quests, at least.

And do note that they did say we could be seeing more pre-release content in the Tales format, too. That was dependent on how well the Tales of the God Wars content went over with the community, but there hasn't been word one way or another on this since that statement was made. If we do get more Tales content in the future, at least those seem to be designed like miniquests.
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This was brought up on a stream recently and they were all like even a small bottle quest takes up so much resources, ect. Reading between the lines it pretty much seems like they are scrapped or highly unlikely to happen. All the quest friendly teams have large projects that make it unlikely then the others are unlikely to chose to do them anyway. So I wouldn't be expecting any soon. Wake me up when Osborne resigns | Will not be renewing membership until Jagex deals with its toxic developer culture & has a new, better lead designer | *Soon TM” is not a fun joke, it is an admission the company is an embarrassment

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Yeah idk why, we used to have more quests released each year awhile ago. We are lagging behind for some reason to a point where ROP or DOC2 is going to be far-far away. Back then it was possible for those quests to have come sooner.
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I don't really get it. Tales of the God Wars should have been a bottle quest, and it very well could have been made one if it was more linear and involved some talking to NPCs at the various steps.

Call of the Ancestors and Beneath Cursed Tides were NOT good examples of bottle quests, despite being advertised as such. They used far too many new assets.
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