New God of War? Yes? No?

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Hazeel said:
Probably not, but Armadyl causes more war than Bandos could ever dream of anyway, so we may as well just give him the title. Basically an entitled brat who runs around screaming "I'm a God!", "Justice!" and kills everyone who could even an insignificant threat to his goal. Sorta like Yagami or Zamasu.

One of V's memories during Hero's Welcome discuss the worlds he visited where the gods were victorious. In it, he mentions, right along side the QoA's fire wastes, the corpse oceans of Tuska, and the desolation of Tuska, the battlefields of Bandos.

In a worst case scenario, Armadyl has waged war when uniting his homeworld and Gielinor. When it comes to Bandos, he's led a crusade on his own homeworld (ultimately exterminating all life on it), exterminated life on Yu'biusk, and waged the same war on Gielinor and has an unknown number of of other planes he's reduced to battlefields.

If we want to play the technicality game, we can discount the Gielinorian God Wars (neither of them started that one, they just perpetuated it), but that still leaves Bandos as having caused at least one more war than Armadyl.

30-Oct-2016 05:54:01

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