New God of War? Yes? No?

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When I think of war, I think of Zamorakians. Bandosians always struck me as, cannon fodder and thugs rather than arch nemesis. There is only one person that enjoys smacking the whole faction about, but they don't take humans seriously. It would take a fairly big shift in their thinking to follow a human.

Some might have followed Fossil but frankly he failed his attempt to seizer the faction and that might forever stain him in the eyes of his fellow Bandosians. He now follows Kara and b hein. The only way she'd get in charge is a glamour and the Godsword.

What we lack is a suitable villain. Some might follow the Queen of Ashes but even she is not Bandosian. There is always the Slayer Masters...I wonder if there has ever been a Villain Slayer Master? They wage war against people all of the time, anyone and everyone is fair game to them:P
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