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You don't seem to know what the definition of genocide is. The definition of genocide is: "the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group."

Seren teaching the Mahjarrat how to perform the rituals is not genocide - they were complicit she was not trying to wipe them out.

Saradomin destroying one city and inadvertently causing a God War by drawing other gods to Naragun with Crown Archival is not genocide - Saradomin wants people to worship him, he isn't going to wipe out a race for no reason. Tuska and her crew were probably responsible for more Naragi deaths.

Even Zamorak nuking Forinthry is arguably not genocide - he wasn't specifically targeting anyone besides Saradomin, Armadyl and Bandos, and was probably not even thinking about the consequences of his actions - he was just being desperate.

The only actual possible genocide known to be committed by any living god is whatever race Saradomin and the Icyene were at war with. And even then it's IMO unlikely it was an outright genocide - it more likely that the race's numbers were crippled by the war, and those few remaining were not enough to form a sustainable breeding population. We don't even know if the race was sentient.
You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

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