Why aint Jododu Otoku tier 2?

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Why isn't Jodudu Otutu considered a tier 2 god? For those of you who do not know, Jodudu was the god Bandos killed to ascend to godhood.

Before his death, he was an extremely powerful god that built a barrier around his planet to protect it from falling meteors and space debris (because his home planet was near a violent asteroid belt or something).

Wouldn't this make Jodoodoo a tier 2 god? Because Guthix could also make barriers around the planet, he was tier 2, and it took all their power to keep their barriers up. Both barriers came down upon their deaths. They also both went to sleep for a while and were subdued easily.
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First, why should he be tier 2? It was never said that you have to be tier 2 to surround the world with a barrier, and the properties are different. One barrier kept gods out, another kept meteorites out. Guthix chose to die, and Jodudu did not fight back because if he did the meteorites would fall onto the planet. Brassica X Marimbo OTP

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Guthix could very easily keep the barrier up, since it was more of an anima thing than a god magic thing. If he'd simply have been using god magic (I think it would be a lot harder to keep gods out than meteors) he wouldn't have been able to.

Jodudo on the other hand is using all his power, even the power that naturally protects him against all but the most powerful weapons, to protect the world from physical things... that aren't sneaky or devious or powerful

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Guthix was using his full power, but as well as the Anima mindi, because that's where his power comes from, where it makes him a tier 2, he is more powerful than all the gods to where he can cast them all out easily.

Jodudo power game from his own yes, but it wasn't anima mundi related, Bandos managed to kill him without an elder artifact, or any weapon that equals his power, Bandos was already powerful enough, yet never a god. Guthix wouldn't have died, but Jodudo would for the fact that he is using a barrier that weakens him greatly in his tier. Tuska is a tier 4 god, and yet she had a barrier that kept the Gods out, yes it was an anima barrier, but she still had one.
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A barrier to keep out meteors and a barrier to keep out beings strong enough to wipe out entire continents with a wave of their hand are two VERY different things. That's why. A
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