In Defense of Saradomin

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Hguoh said:
Padomenes said:
The God-Emperor from 40k makes questionable decisions, some of which are absolutely worse than that of Saradomin's to ensure Order survives against Chaos, in order to protect everybody from it(Yet people still hate on and think what Saradomin's doing is too harsh). People stick to him in the Warhammer 40k universe knowing at the same time if he dies all hell will break loose and it will mean the end of mankind.

That's just the thing though. We've seen the world without Saradomin, hell failed to break loose and mankind thrived. Granted, there were some close calls along the way, but there have also been a number of close calls since his return as well.

We've seen the world when Saradomin is the most widely worshipped god. We pretty much only had mankind thriving in the Saradominist kingdoms (Asgarnia, Misthalin & Kandarin), and this was with Saradomin's indirect control via the Temple Knights.. In non-Saradominist areas like the desert, Fremennik Province, Eastern Lands, ect. things were significantly less safe.
You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

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