The Children of the Gods

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I find this an interesting concept. Over time, the lore revealed to us has provided some instances of the deities we've met (and with whom we've allied) who have had offspring. Now, naturally, one could state that all of the life in the multiverse is an offspring of the creators, but with a few exceptions, I am going to consider that as something else.

So, gods can have offspring, and they can do it in various ways. What are these beings? How do their origins affect them? How will they be involved in future content? Here are the examples of which I am aware; if you know of any others, please feel free to comment! Also, if you have any thoughts or theories, please feel free to share. Here we go.

Zaros/Seren/the Mahjarrat?
While all life is connected to the Elders, Mah's creations are definitely a class of their own. Zaros and Seren were created by their "mother" to keep her company, and be her playthings. It's been postulated that the other beings created by Mah (the tribes of Freneskae) were created to fill the void after Zaros left. This is the only time that an Elder has purposely created 'children.' The original siblings were significantly more powerful than the later offspring, but each of Mah's offspring have shown themselves to have great power.

General Khazard:
The only known offspring of Zamorak. It's easy to speculate that Zamorak had already ascended when Khazard was conceived. It's not clear if Khazard's birth occurred through the Ritual of Enervation, an altered form of the Ritual, or a completely different fashion. It is worth noting, that if he was a product of the Ritual, both parents have to pour their energy into the creation of a new Mahjarrat, therefore, had Zamorak already ascended, he would've had more power to give to the creation of Khazard than a normal Mahjarrat. Zemouregal Sr. gave so much of his power, that he actually perished to create our favorite necromancer. Could this fact give Khazard an advantage over his kin?

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The children of Tumeken and Elidinis. This is an interesting case (a lot less conventional than it seemed befor SE) in which both were loved pets of the two spousal deities. They loved their pets so much that they poured power into the two animals that they became their "children." While it may be argued that they aren't blood relatives, they only exist in their current form thanks to their parents. Also, I don't think that Zaros and Seren are conventional "blood" relatives to Mah, so yes, Icthlarin and Amascut had mortal progenitors, but their current forms are the product of the combined divine powers of their immortal parents.

Saradomin's one true weakness. Not much is yet known about Sara's daughter, but she was found by Nex on a planet ruled by a group known as the Obsidian Tribunal (mysterious, right?) No real details are given about this female character. We don't know who (or what) the mother is, if she was born prior to his ascension (she would be extremely old, but maybe he's used his powers to sustain her). All we know is that Saradomin would go so far as to give up the Stone of Jas to keep her safe. Probably my favorite piece of Saradomin content to come out lately.

Ra'ath and Tepras
I know that Armadyl merely adopted these two, but I'm throwing them here for your consideration. Basically, they were just two Aviansie that Armadyl added to his first family. Both were orphaned due to the harsh conditions on Abbinah, leaving them without tribes.

The daughter of Guthix and his wife Fraji who was born, lived, and died prior to his ascension on Naragun. Was crushed during the battle between Skargaroth and Tuska. An oft overlooked character, but I feel like mentioning her.

The Mahjarrat Lucien proclaimed himself to be a god. Whether or not this is true is up to debate. She is the only Mahjarrat cross-breed. Lucien saw her as a failure, but Zamorak saw potential, and gave her ample opportunity. The true extent of her

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power has yet to be ascertained, but it has been shown that she is a mortal who ages and can die. This is probably due to Lucien DEFINITELY being mortal when she was born/created. The Mahjarrat Azzanadra recently met her and showed a very purist view of his race (this can probably be connected to how Lucien himself saw his daughter). In fact, the only Mahjarrat to really accept her have been Bilrach and Zamorak himself.

The Memory/Kami
This one is one of my favorites. The memories Guthix had of his deceased daughter coelesced after his death into a new being. Eventually coming to call herself Kami, she seems to maybe be an actual Naragi. Of note is the fact that she refers to Guthix as her father. She (naturally) inherited some of her father's memories of the world guardian, Aagi, and Naragun. How powerful she is has yet to be fully divulged, and I really hope that Jagex decides to expand on her story later on. Also, if one memory wisp colony could form into a sentient being, is it possible that others could do the same? Would Guthix' memories of his best friend from back in the day create another Naragi? What of his memories of Skagaroth, Tuska, Bandos, Sliske, the player, Juna, Death, etc.? This could definitely be interesting future content.

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Now that we know how each god is going to die, I wonder if they'll become successors in case of said death.

Save of course for Armadyl's children who are long dead.
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We should probably be speculating just who or what Saradomin's "daughter" is. Icthlarin's post-quest dialogue implies that gods are incapable of reproduction via standard methods (Khazard is an exception since the Mahjarrat are partially divine anyway).

Even if we don't rule out Adrasteia being a post-godhood child, I don't see present-day Saradomin as the type to have any sort of romantic relationship, or even a paternal one with an adopted kid. Saradomin has pretty much divorced himself from ever being mortal at this point. In addition to that, he doesn't mention having any family besides his mortal one (and granted, he could be lying, but the implication is not there).

So, if we rule those out, we are left with the only remaining explanation. Adrasteia is one of his children from when he was mortal. The question we are now faced with is how such a thing is possible - as a human, she should have died long ago. There's nothing to hint that Saradomin was lying when he stated his family was long dead - so perhaps he genuinely believed this. Maybe he was genuinely unaware of her survival until Zaros discovered her.

If she is one of Saradomin's original family, then Saradomin himself provides a possible reason for their bad relationship - his position as Teragard justicar took a toll on his family, which could include Adrasteia.

There are many ways she could have achieved such a long lifespan, but pretty much all of them would have to have to happened off of Teragard, which has pretty much no magic. Fortunately, Teragard has a form in interplanetary travel in The Schism, and as the daughter of someone in Teragard's government, she would probably have easier access to it than most.

So, maybe Adrasteia ended up using The Schism to travel to another world, wherein she discovered a method of immortality, perhaps with the help of the Obsidian Tribunal. Or maybe she even became a member of it.
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They're mostly called half-a-gods aren't they? But some times the kid may be fully godly, yet split into two like Seren and Zaros. I wonder if they combine later...

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There were other tribes of children of mah too.

Mahserrat, Chelon-Mah, Mahkorrat... I think there may have been countless tribes!
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