Ice Queen and Camorra

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Ice Queen is the Queen of Snow's sister, or something along those lines. Idk about Camorra. Someone should hurry up and tell us.

Ok, I just looked everywhere, and couldn't find any new lore beyond the old "She killed Garek the dragon" or whatever the dragon's name was. Like, someone give us something plz.

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Basically, la Ice Queen es la hermana mayor de la Queen of Snow who got exiled for unknown reasons (probably because Elsa sang "Let it Go" so many times, it drove Freya crazy.)

And Camorra killed a dragon that was haunting Forinthry, and it got her to ascend to fame and glory.
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Does anyone have any ideas on where we might discover the new Camorra lore?

(I ask because I'd like to continue developing headcannon for the Seers Village and maybe even Menaphos, but new knowledge of important events in the 4th age could have an impact.)

It's been a while since lore hounds did stuff like this, but has anyone considered wandering along the edges of the Wilderness in all ghostly robes and with the ring of visibility? Lore was quietly released, to be discovered that way, a few times many years ago.

EDIT: Has anyone come across a new transcript?

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90% sure that the Ice Queen/Camorra lore is in the dialogue of the Entrana High Priest if you visit him on Entrana before obtaining the Ice Gloves.

Since this is optional dialogue, it might take some time for it to be transcribed.

In the previous version of the quest, the dialogue is simply Original message details are unavailable.
Apparently long ago a great hero used a pair of magical gloves, stolen from the Queen of the Ice to cool the bird down enough to catch as a pet.
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It is possible that Camorra might have been for Menaphos Library and they accidentally reveled it took soon.

Also Garak destroyed many settlements near the border of the Wilderness and possibly he destruction of Falador during the 4th Age. I can't remember where, but it was said Falador had been destroyed once before in the 4th Age,

Also Garak was far more powerful than the average dragon if it destroyed settlements. Possibly as strong or more powerful than the King Black Dragon. Other dragons wouldn't be able to destroyed downs as easily.

And you need to remember that 4th Age was vastly different from the 5th/6th age and everyone was recovering from the God Wars.
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