Aeternam=Gypsy Aris?

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Blaze Deku said:
Hguoh said:
Elf of Seren said:
Aeternam froze GWD. Not sure of the official source, but here's the wiki link.

Yeah, I saw the wiki, but it lists no source for that claim. And seeing as I couldn't find the source myself, I decided to be a bit skeptical and not put my trust in that claim.

That's because it's from a campaign on Armies of Gielinor on Funorb:

On a different note, it wouldn't be the first time an epic character hid in place sight under a false name. Remember when Ali the Wise was revealed to be Wahisietel in Ritual of the Mahjarrat?

Yeah, but that wasn't exactly subtle. Jagex doesn't really do subtlety.
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