Menaphos Sundial Teaser

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Crow Crimson said:
Big Storms said:
Another tweet has been made 3 hours ago, stating:

Inside the bowels of Menaphos,
your answer awaits.

Adventurer! Finish what you started.
Accomplish! Kneel! Elate!

The tweet is accompanied with the concept art of the higher district of Menaphos. The tweet itself hints towards the last clue being completed in Menaphos.
But note that the capitalized letters spell "I'm a fake". So could this be a red herring? I can not try this myself currently but perhaps just try to type in Afake in the sundial, since it is a word starting with an "A" (just me guessing things)?

Edit: the tweet also contains icons for a sailboat (sailing confirmed!!), mountain and droplet

Afake doesn't seem to work.:p

The mountains emoji could also be interpreted as pyramids. In the image, the boats are following a water path into the inside of a pyramid. This could be the "Inside the bowels of Menaphos" that Commander A was taking about. So far, it seems we're being led on a path of pictures. From the lower levels to the upper levels to the inside of a pyramid. But what picture comes next?

Completely unrelated, but I used an Orb of Oculus to look around the empty Menaphos ingame, and I found an obvious crack facing into the city in the southwest wall. Thought that was interesting.

That's because the wallsare copy-pasted from the northeast side of Sophanem, including the crack from Icthlarin's Little Helper.
You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

23-May-2017 19:18:46

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