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Amidst all this lore talk of upcoming quest finales (very nice! Much hype!) I was just wondering if we know who the four figures in the Varrock fountain are

In all my time as an RS player I never thought about this fountain but today I ran by during a farm run and began to wonder. Any ideas?
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They are mentioned on the Rs Novels; they were four princes of Misthalin that fought against invading forces of Lord Lowerniel Drakan like a thousand years from the present day.

The battle in which they were in didn't go well and those four were assumed dead - with only the fifth and youngest of the princes returning home to continue the line of kings.

novel's plot spoilers
However it would turn out that the eldest of those four princes didn't die, but was instead converted into a vampire and became the Black Prince, who'd attempt to take back his throne of Misthalin in recent years. Kara Meir and friends killed him at the end fortunately.

It's been a long time and I might remember several details of this wrong tho. :P

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