Imps are cool! But...

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So dear comunity i have a next question fot you! Imps! Imps was my favorite creature when i was F2P and now they have a special place in my RS heart! They are so cool in RS events like snow imps like now! Charm Imp or Imp with banner! They are great! But! imp are evil? Don't take me wrong i like them but they look like tiny devils and when I see this red skin and horns i think about Zamorak who is not a very nice god, so my question.... Imp are zamorakian creature who want to bully everyone and spread chaos or they are just mischievous ips and don't want to spread chaos? What do you think?

And sorry for my ENG, I'm from Poland :)

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Imps are like any other sapient race. They make, or at least think they make individual decisions for themselves (Can't assume free will imo). Some have been led to follow Zamorak in the past and in the present, and some have been led to currently follow Zaros. Presumably others have been led in other directions.

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Zevrant Bapt

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Imps are demons, they are a race from Infernus, the demon realm.
They look like that because that's what demons typically look like, horns and red skin.
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Ancient Drew

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Redric said:
But they are evil or something?
They follow Zamorak, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're evil.

His philosophy is that chaos helps people grow stronger. I think he sees the weak as obstacles stopping the strong from reaching their potential, and that chaos stops people from getting stagnant. He might advocate destruction but that doesn't necessarily make him bad. In fact, any of his followers who go round stealing and messing stuff up without killing or resorting to violence may consider their deeds to be a kindness. By stealing stuff, they might be thinking of sharing the bounty of growth brought by chaos as Zamorak preaches.

That said, however, I still disagree with his theology. And there are likely imps who don't think that way and just mess about for fun.
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A JMod has said in the past how imps are not squeaky toys, they are vicious gremlins who stab you with pointy things. We have also been told that during the God Wars, they were not only master thieves, but swarmed their enemies in number, clawing and biting and tearing. To this day stealing is a defining trait of theirs - and possibly not just the theft of material objects...

You know the photo booth near Falador, run by that wizard named Iconis? He was initially trying to use a modified scrying orb for his invention, but an imp destroyed it. Talking to the imp, he learned that imps apparently capture people's images - So he enlisted the imp to operate the photo booth with its strange magic. However, the imp refused to tell him *WHY* imps do this...

And there are beliefs by certain irl groups (such as the Amish, I think) that taking someone's picture *STEALS THEIR SOUL*...

Imps are demons, from the Infernal Dimensions (the RuneScape equivalent of Hell). Do not forget this.
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Most of the named imps we've encountered haven't really been evil, just mischievous thieves. You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

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