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Hasma Dee

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Every player got to ask Death one question about how he foresaw each of the gods' deaths. It seems you only got this option if Death killed Gielinor during Nomad's Elegy. He appeared in the labyrinth.

These were collected from other people who have posted on the thread and JivaSoul, a transcriptor. below:

(tl;dr Armadyl and Seren's deaths are the only ones that the most painless, while Icthlarin's was the most gruesome.)

Icthlarin: "Poor Icthlarin, I feared looking into his future… His end is painful. The rending of teeth, the taste of blood. He dies fearing for others, and that is what truly kills him. Though it breaks my oath, I will never let that happen. I can’t let him feel that kind of pain. "
Credit: JivaSoul

Armadyl: "I feel the lightness of my being, soaring perhaps, and then a fall. I let the ground take me. But this is not a sad moment, I am full of pride." Credit: JivaSoul

Zaros: "I feel a burning as hot as a star, and then a giant blackness. I feel a prolonged sadness that has come to an end. Credit: JivaSoul"

Zamorak: "I feel a great burden of the rock, none will witness it, only crickets chirping, there will be only sadness in the end." Credit: Kanarthasis

Saradomin: "I hear the crossing of swords and the warmth of light, then the coolness of shadow. These continue, light then shadow, until I pass. Credit: JivaSoul"

Seren: "I feel relief, the joy of acceptance. There is singing, so loud that I can barely think. My mind is on the past." Credit: mghtymth
Armadyl's first love :)

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Saradomin was something like "Shadow and light shadow and light shadow and light until I arrive" or something.

Sorry for the vagueness, I just got through all this other dialogue and forgot what he said.

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Wahisietel said:
It's RNG whether or not you see him.

Bad quest design.

or whether or not Seren has Saradomin's daughter, I guess.
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I asked about Icthlarin, since I assumed everyone would get all hyped about the others and forget him. Apparently his death is set to be very painful, to the extent Death swears he will break his oath and stop at nothing to prevent that fate for his friend. Wake me up when Osborne resigns | Will not be renewing membership until Jagex deals with its toxic developer culture & has a new, better lead designer | *Soon TM” is not a fun joke, it is an admission the company is an embarrassment

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