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Ancient Drew said:
Wahisietel said:
Why the **** did you revive this dead thread? Just to whine about SJWs?
It would seem that SJWs love whining about each other. Hence why the W stands for Warrior; when a bunch of them get together, you know war's gonna happen.

Finally, someone who uses the SJW term correctly! Its so absurd that it only gets applied to keyboard warriors on the left, as if the right weren't fighting just as hard and just as stupidly for their own twisted version of social justice. Well, I suppose the left has taken ownership of the word social justice while the right is fine with just their their Korans and Bibles but anywayyy...

TokHaar Gol said:
But then it gets really crazy cause the elves have pretty much stayed at the same place for thousands of years, namely in Isafdar. And Isafdar don't seem to be a very hot place at all, judging from their choice of clothing its safe to assume that its not warm enough there to evolve black skin. So why are some elves black? I have no clue......

Just because a place is cold does not mean UVA and UVB rays are not plentiful or not at harmful levels. Snowblindness is a real problem in... well, snowy places, and caused by UV damage. Its almost certain that the thinned ozone layer at the poles will increase UV radiation coming into cold high northern and southern latitudes. Give it a few hundred years and the Norse will be as brown skinned as southern Europeans, even without immigration.

Really, regional skin color is all up to whatever magical UV damping woowoo the Elders decided to protect Gielinor with. There could be holes.

Now what is REALLY interesting are dark-skinned fairies. I am amazed that rightward leaning SJWs aren't triggered by that. But no one cares about fairies except me anymore. :(

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