Lore Theories: Sliske is...Us?

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Lady Icyene
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Lady Icyene

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(To all y'all who haven't completed Sliske's Endgame or watched a play through SPOILER WARNING)

Sliske's Endgame took a lot of lore theorist to the maximum point of confusion and disappointment that you could only ask one question to Death, AND FREAKING JAS! It busted one of my own theories as well. In season one of Lore Theories I posted how I thought Zaros would ascend to elder godhood, which would be he would shatter the Stone of Jas. But since Kerapac already broke it and we have toast-shaped shards of the catalyst, that's not gonna happen. But Zarosian or not you gotta admit Zaros' tantrum when Jas told him he cant be an elder god was a little funny. #Soreloser
but the one thing that bothers me the most is that, sure we killed Sliske. But he pulled a Zaros and impaled us with the staff along with him. and as seen with the background Sliske laughs and the fact that when we told Rolomia (probably butchered the spelling of that) that Sliske was dead and she was all devastated one second, we blacked out and when we woke up she was all happy. Of of course Sliske is dead Lady you killed him remember? Defiantly hiding something. So yeah, not only does the fate of the entire universe rest on our shoulders, but we're possessed by the very Mahjarrat who wanted this to happen in the first place. Welp we're screwed.

The next episode of Lore Theories will be up on Thursday January 5th. If you have any lore related questions or suggestions you can pm me. No spam though or you WILL be ignore listed.
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29-Dec-2016 22:06:30

Lord Remus
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Lord Remus

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He lives in you, he lives in me
He watches over everything we see
Into the waters, into the truth
In your reflection, he lives in you. :P
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30-Dec-2016 10:56:04

Ser Yoran
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Ser Yoran

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Well it could be that *Sliske laughter*
No... no... i should not concern them with that....


But what i want to know is what life will be measured by. And how is Sliske going to try to ruin our plans...
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The real Sliske was inside you all along.
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30-Dec-2016 18:58:13

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