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Raleirosen said:
Hguoh said:
As Cthris is keen to point out, Freneskae existed in the previous revision of the universe. As we know from the existence of the Dragonkin, mortal life did exist in the previous cycle, so it is entirely plausible that a sentient being with a soul did die on Freneskae and became its Death.
Ah, I see. Well in that case, either there's a really bored Death hanging out there somewhere, or I would hypothesize that a dead world like Freneskae simply can't generate an afterlife or a Death to go with it. No anima = no afterlife/Death?
Or whatever afterlife there was got eaten along with the rest of the planet? Am I wrong about this? I always assumed the Elder Gods ate their way through the anima of the perfect world as they incubated/were born.

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