Xau-Tak:Extradimensional Squid

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Sodden Hound said:
I, uh, hate to tear down any theories, but it seems to be implied the Xau-Tak is something from Renmark. The Elder Sword Echo in the Memorial to Guthix tells us that Guthix found some form of corruption at the center of Renmark, and he tried to remove the 'parasite', shattering the world in the process. He said something along the lines of its tendrils of corruptions were spreading through the cosmos, and its connecting itself to the threads of mortality - similar to some stuff V said.
I could be wrong, obviously, but that seems to be what Jagex was going for, I think.

We don't know that it was from Renmark originally, just that it was there at some point.
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23-Apr-2017 01:10:29

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