Nomad's Elegy Bug?

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I threw Nomad's spear to Death and he killed Gielinor with it at the end of Nomad's Elegy. However, Icthlarin is on Sliske's Scoreboard with a kill, and Death is nowhere to be found.

My quest log confirms that I did choose Death. Has anybody else experienced this? Is it a bug or did I miss some detail? I thought Death should be on the scoreboard. Will this affect Sliske's Endgame when it comes out? I really wanted Death to have an invite.

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The scoreboard became bugged after Children of Mah was released. I believe someone is working on it. It should not effect Sliske’s Endgame. Wake me up when Osborne resigns | Will not be renewing membership until Jagex deals with its toxic developer culture & has a new, better lead designer | *Soon TM” is not a fun joke, it is an admission the company is an embarrassment

26-Nov-2016 02:09:09

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CoM reversed the scoreboard for everyone. Supposed to be fixed next update. "Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
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27-Nov-2016 03:06:17

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