Elidinis is dead.

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Possibly because Elidinis was not present on Gielinor in any shape and form to begin with. JMods have said themselves that they want to do something with Elidinis to flesh her out as more than "Tumeken's wife", so killing her offscreen does not seem to be the smartest of moves, development-wise.

Besides, Sliske did not invite a lot of other gods who were on Gielinor in the past and were alive during the quest, like V, the Karamjan God and Xau-Tak. Just because Sliske did not invite Elidinis to his ascension does not mean she is dead.

The desert gods were presumably not invited because Sliske didn't consider them important enough: the only reason why he invited Icthlarin seems to be because he has a bone to pick with him. As for why Amascut was not invited, it is likely because she is way too insane to be manipulated by Sliske: however, the reason for that is not that she is dead due to something that happened during the Fifth Age, as the 2015 Halloween event canonically took place during the Sixth Age, and featured Amascut alive. This also means that the Desert questline's finale will either leave Amascut insane, or be moved to the Sixth Age to allow Amascut being cured.

My personal headcanon is that after Elidinis left Gielinor during the Fifth Age, she arrived on an arid world where people desperately needed water to survive, and as a river goddess, she has been maintaining the world and its people to this day.

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