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Ascertes said:
However, I want an election for generals because I think the FC should get a say in who is put forth to run and moderate the chat. When this new system was randomly and suddenly implemented, we saw the immediate backlash when the vast majority of people got absolutely no input into this decision.

It's also worth noting that we saw an immediate improvement in the quality of the FC once moderation was reintroduced.
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I believe option 2 is best. The typical discourse of the FC has barely possessed a modicum of intelligence without Generals. This is not to say that they're intrinsic to an enjoyable atmosphere, however they are responsible for one that isn't sullied by the usual suspects who are awfully intent to be annoying pests.

And said usual suspects wouldn't be a problem if people were able to coordinate self moderation via the tools they all have. In particular; the ignore list. It does no good if only a few people use it, because then they're only subject to the annoyance of seeing one half of a squabble. That may even be worse, as you may as well have the whole context if you have to endure it all. In my experience, I'm one of the few who just put the usual suspects on ignore. I'd rather not ignore everyone else, too.
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