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Gamez X said:
Hmm well i actually made that picture specifically to move away from the whole "everythings another dimension" thing and to make a genuine universe. Infact if you look at the full picture you'll see that all the worlds are infact made to be planets. Plus with how they've started referring to worlds as planets/moons now (such as how he did on stream) i think its still safe to say they've moved to the planet model for the worlds atleast. Even if you say that each solar system is in its own bubble of "a plane" it still doesnt make too much difference, they still seem to be moving to calling worlds planets now. If there is some kind of layer then maybe its just a membrane of magic to make each solar system slightly more hospitable than the really deep space inbetween. I mean if you think about it, our solar system is basically in its own little finite bubble of a gravitational field holding our planets together

I'm not saying worlds are entire dimensions unto themselves, they're definitely planets, I'm saying the planes they inhabit are. It's a useful distinction to make since a lot of lore is built around it.
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galian prist

galian prist

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Jagex has changed their stance on the origins and structure of the RuneScape universe a lot. That is the first thing that is very important to know. Some of the older lore may actually be discarded as "out of date".

Now that we've got that cleared out, here's how I think the current universe is layed out. The universe is a multiverse with different planes or universes inside it. You could see this as "pocket-dimensions" inside a main dimension. (Just as a frame of reference though pocket dimensions in RuneScape are an entirely different thing.)Each of these universes has a very simple structure: a star, a planet (maybe two), one or more moons and that's it. This makes sense actually if you look at how the universe was created. The elder gods did not want to make a perfect universe, they wanted to make a perfect planet. A planet that would give them enough anima mundi. Keeping that in mind, small universes make a lot of sense.

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