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All of the younger gods arrived in the 2nd age which lasted around 2,000 years. It was stated by the jmods that the 1st age is the age of Guthix's creation Gielinor as we know it it lasted about 4,000 years, when he went to sleep that ended the 1st age. The 2nd age started after this and lasted about two thousand years till Zaros died and that started the 3rd age or as it's better known as the god war age which lasted 4,000 years till Guthix awoke and banished the gods thus started the 4th age which lasted about 2,000 years it was known as the age of mortals and a lot of the heros like Robert the strong and Avvana came in this age the fifth age is known as the age of men and lasted 69 years till the 6th age which is know. Fun fact if haven't done the world wakes you are still in the 5th age as a character 😄 If there's a boss I can slay it if there's a skilling pet I can find it!

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