Lore Theories: Where the Staff

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Lady Icyene
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Lady Icyene

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For those who completed Sliske's Endgame and delt the final blow to Sliske, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not you can head over to a buddy of mine's Youtube channel and watch the whole voice acted playthru there (Shout out to you Rainy). Notice how when we fought Sliske we pulled the Staff of Armadyl out of nowhere, and when he pulled a Zaros and impaled us with the Staff along with him the Staff simply vanished. But this episode is about, well, where'd it go?

Just like in Kindred Spirits I believe our character knows something we don't. For all we know, we could've buried it in the garden of our POH while we where mind controlled by Sliske.
That brings me to our next subject. Sliske's Endgame basically gave our characters Multiple Personality Disorder. Which is exactly as it sounds, one person has a multiple number of personalities. Whether the people inside the diaganosed person's mind know of each other is up to chance. And in our case, our other half is the troll-iest person in the game who wants to bring out the end of the world.
Great. So whats to stop our Sliske half from taking over when we're right next to someone important like Saradomin or an political figure such as King Roald of Varrock and stabbing him when he's not looking. Nothing. So here's my idea we DO know where the Siphon lies, just not right now.

This has been this week's episode of Lore Theories.
If you have any Lore related questions or suggestions on what I should do next you can PM me about it. No spam however or you will be ignore listed.
I'm Lady Icyene, signing off.

19-Jan-2017 16:24:57

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We likely dropped it before we got teleported away. Zaros and Seren came with us (and neither of them are particularly interested in the artifacts anyway). The other young gods had been forced out of the labyrinth. Sliske was dead.

This leaves 2 possibilities:

1. The Siphon is now buried under tons of rubble and is virtually inaccessible.
2. One of Sliske's now freed wights took it.

As option 1 is uninteresting, I'll delve further into option 2.

Linza does not indicate that she has it, so I doubt that any of the brothers have it either (nor the weaker wights since they were being held off by the brothers).

This leaves two prime subjects who could have taken the Siphon: Gregorovic and Nomad.

I doubt Greg has the Siphon as that would destroy the balance of power that keeps any one side from gaining control of the Heart.

By process of elimination, this leaves Nomad as the sole remaining person to have swiped the Siphon. Considering his disdain for the gods and the extreme measures he went to in order to fight them before, I'm quite interested in what plans he has for it.

Alternatively, we may have had the Siphon up until Sliske took over us at the end (in which case it could be nearly anywhere). But considering we don't seem to be concerned with it disappearing, I think we probably didn't have it past the point when we removed it from our abdomen.

19-Jan-2017 18:32:18



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Cthris said:
Jas taking it when she teleported us is also plausible.


Or Sliske had some sort of enchantment on it so that if he lost it or something, it got returned to one of his many hideouts.

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Lord Remus
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Lord Remus

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Perhaps the Dactyl Dragonkin claimed it and depending on what actually happened to Kerapac when the stone was destroyed, he may even have it. I don't think we've seen the last of the Siphon though, for better or worse. I'm Godless although I consider myself Independent/Unaligned I "We create ourselves through life. Every victory, every failure and every lesson learned from them... Make us who we are. Once we have lived life to it's end, that is when we realise who we are... or more accurately, who we were."

20-Jan-2017 13:18:01

Devil Vein
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Devil Vein

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I think it's pretty obvious that Nomad has it. Based on the Lore Corner Q & A, he's not dead and his whereabouts are unknown. And who better to have a soul siphon than the master of souls himself? Nomad's about to become a real problem with the Elders waking and needing proof we should exist.... I have seen the dark universe yawning, where the black planets roll without aim;
Where they roll in their horror unheeded, without knowledge or lustre or name.

01-Feb-2017 14:09:07

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