Lucien and Glacors?

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Halloween 2011 established that Glacors are powerful ice elementals. Maybe icefiends, ice demons and glacors are all demons that evolved on Leng at some point.

During ROTM we see Lucien summoning Enhanced ice titans, Ice demons, and Glacors. Presumably the sheer amount of Ice energy at the Ritual Site made it easier to summon Ice creatures in comparison to other familiars. All these creatures presumably originated from the same place, which would be either Leng or the Spirit Plane. Since Leng is likely on the other side of the universe, I favour Lucien simply getting them from the Spirit Plane. Presumably you would need an insane amount of summoning skill to manage to summon Ice demons and Glacors, though.

The examine text of Glacors indicates that they have been infused with power from the Stone of Jas. This probably applies to the other monsters he summoned too, since they're stronger than their standard variants.
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