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Disclaimer: These are just my random joke suggestions, feel free to pick and choose.

Quest start: Farmer Fred (FF is a Mahj thread ref)
Plot: Runaway fanfic wants to become a quest because content doesn't get released fast enough.

*Main enemy is named "The Lore".

*Must assemble a team to "break" the lore including Kennith, WenKra, Thammaron's Skeleton, The Homunculus, and a devout Saradominist. (They are The Lore's weakness because they are all lorefails)

*We do a bunch of fetch quest stuff to assemble the team.

*At some point we find out Romeo and the Banker from Gower Quest 1 now have 3 children.

*Turns out Mod Elfborne is "The Lore".

*Team immediately defeated by mod powers (shoutout to WGS team's immediate deaths rip homies).

*Jmod team immediately shows up to try to bring down the corrupt mod. Team includes Mod Raven, Ollie, microtrans team, guy that made clan avatars, the osrs mod that released the drake army, and guy that made prif quiver.

*Raven uses bat emote, it looks super cool but it's not very effective.

*Sliske shows up at some point but gets killed and then the cutscene switches to an irl view of Sliske in jagex hq knocking out a mod with an ags and then editing the quest so he is alive again. (shoutout to that mod that took a gs to the face)

*Sliske tries to log in but the game says he is already logged in and suggests clearing his cache. (Shoutout to every time I tried to log in to rs for like 2 years in a row. Clearly not an important glitch to get fixed)

*Ollie flexes, Elfborne becomes confused.

*Mtx team summons a bunch of achievement banners which spam him into submission before dropping a giant roulette wheel on him. Examine on the wheel should say the Jagex promise about never letting money give a player an advantage over any other.

*Sliske finally logs in again and gets ddosed by sparc mac and gets told to clear his cache when he tries to log in again.

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*Mod that released the drake army and clan ava mod spam summon them causing mod elfborne to lag heavily and completely make it impossible for him to click on anything. Examine should read "these don't obstruct other player's views at all and were a fantastic idea". (shoutout to trying to train div and agility with those f***ers in the way. Thanks for that.)

*Mod that made prif quiver should replace mod elfborne's ammo slot with it causing him to be unable to fire because quivers don't need to hold ammo.

*Sliske logs back in and his actionbar minimizes to the top half when he misclicks it and keeps rising until it goes off his screen. (Shoutout to the nis glitch that wasn't fixed for over a year)

*Mod Elfborne has plot armor so nothing is working on him and he drops pillars on all the jmods present so they teleport us out to get some items that can fight him.

*First we show up at floor61 and get a "buffed hexhunter bow". (shoutout to hexhunter dying with eoc and years later still to this day not being made useful despite being a very rare drop)

*Then we get teleported to "Cursed You"'s poh to grab his combat ring which lets anything fight anything regardless of combat immunity. (shoutout to fally mass)

*Then we get teleported to port sarim and Runeshark is there and they tell us we need to go to trouble brewing and get a full outfit. (Shoutout to their hilarious video about player owned ports predictions)

*We react in horror and they say they are just kidding and we should just look around here for something to use and leave. The option to dig is at the entrance to the rat pits which has been covered by a meteor but the screams of jmods past tells us to turn away and we get a pokeball looking item.

*We show up and fight mod elfborne with our special items and we are still losing so we throw the ball at him and it opens to reveal Barry the Rune Dragon who defeats him.

*Quest rewards us with spins.

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I actually wouldnt mind another one of these quests as they are entertaining and a good distraction from the seriousness of alot of other in game quests and story lines.

I would like those for there to be a
origin quest or maybe some more into his character development and we see a more serious side of him and maybe his role in the Anima Mundi?
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Crow Crimson

Crow Crimson

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While funny, I think a lot of these meta references will go over the heads of 50% of the playerbase. Or have all the casual players already quit? The legendary creators have been long gone from this world. When they return, they'll be surprised and angered of their creations' new sapience. Meanwhile, the world's most elite, summoned to be its guardians, have abandoned their purpose and intend to plunge the world into chaos. -- Bionicle or RS?

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Crow Crimson said:
While funny, I think a lot of these meta references will go over the heads of 50% of the playerbase. Or have all the casual players already quit?

Honestly, that's true of the original Gower Quest - there's a ton of lore community in-jokes that many people probably didn't get.
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