Why Moia and not Billyboy?

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Bilrach is someone who is argued to be the most powerful of the Mahjarrat, though others would say Azzy is. But Zamorak still has Moia as his second, not ol Billyboy. Now Moia may not have been present at the ritual that sapped Mah of the last of her power and others may see Moia as an abomination, but if Bilrach was so much more powerful, why choose Moia?

It barely makes any sense. Strength through chaos and all that, but even if Moia personifies Zimzam's philosophy, you still do not want a weakling, even a reasonably loyal one as your second. Especially since Billyboy's mad digger campaign is what brought Zamorack back to Gilienor in the first place....his loyalty has been proven already, or so it would seem.

The latest ritual would seem to indicate the Mahjarat have thier own ideas on how to continue and Moia was most certainly not invited. That would seem to indicate she has no part to play, from a Mahjarrat perspective.

And if Moia has hidden depths have I missed something or is it yet to come? O_o
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Moia's def weaker than the other Mahjarrat - save a few, probably - after the final ritual, but she's still VERY strong. Anyways, I think the idea of Moia very much exemplifies Zamorakian philosophy like you said, and since she's still incredibly strong there's no reason to just knock her down, not while she still has use. Mods pls notice me

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She's probably more indoctrinated than any of the Zamorakian Mahjarrat. So, the reason she's second is probably similar to why Azzy and Zilyana are second: 110% guaranteed loyalty. Patrolling Lore FC almost makes you wish for a Great Revision.

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Jagex thought it was time to be politcially correct and show how women are capable of leading armies through wars as seen in the Battle of Lumbridge. Honestly, I don't think the Black Knights are impressed of Bilrach's methods, let's not forget his way of keeping his army running was by using slave labor to his advantage, exploiting it in any cruel way possible.

I'd rather discuss battle plans with a good-looking and impressive girl, and would be much more motivated after seeing her face before charging into battle, than have the slave master bark orders at me and threaten to work me to death. As such, she seems better for Zammy's image. As many people in Gielinor didn't think highly of him, he required some propaganda tool to bolster collaboration, considering the bulk of his modern army consists of humans.

Plus Zammy's obviously got a crush on her, she's the ultimate accomplice of the dark lord, more so than Enakhra. He wanted a girl with a more sensitive yet slightly stubborn side, without the harsh Freneskae mentality that got stuck in most Zamorakian Mahjarrat's minds, turning them into lame senseless evil pricks who have been torturing others for amusement.

It's clear their master grew quite tired and dissapointed, for he saw their greater potential but couldn't fully tap into it, hence ever since he's constantly been putting Moia to the test to see what she's capable of, instead of getting things done by using the same old lackeys.

Zamorak just wanted to go into a whole new direction, with someone who, after a rough past, wanted to see the world burn for arguably good reasons, fitting with his philosophy. Remember how he'd been smiling at Moia while burning down a whole village as she watched in awe with slight protest at first, then got on with the act. She consciously joined him in his "ends justify the means"-mentality, likely attribuable to her little genetic tendency for hybristophilia, otherwise known as Bonnie and Clyde syndrome.
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1) It could be loyalty, but I doubt it. Bilrach has done more to prove his loyalty.

2) She might just be "Daddy's favorite".

3) Being part human she might be the best suited to lead both humans and demonic entities at once, with her mixed heritage allowing her to understand both sides.

4) She may just embody Zamorak's philosophy in a way he prefers--a weak tool becoming strong, compared to Bilrach who was always strong. It might also make her easier for the common man to relate to. Whereas Mahjarrat naturally gravitate to Zamorak's philosophy, Moia was an outsider to begin with.

5) Or maybe she just has the most potential and Zamorak recognizes this. It has been hinted that she has more potential than the other Mahjarrat.

Ultimately being given a leading military position isn't all about power, it's about leadership too.
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Could also be that following centuries of digging thru Daemonheim, Bilrach's mind was so warped and strained, that despite his power ... he simply wasn't in a good spot to be a "commander".
Bilrach's single-mindedness and loyalty is one of the few things simultaneously kept him same and driven, yet eventually drove him insane.
In the few years Zamorak has been back, Bilrach being physically close to Zammy allows for the psychological trauma he's suffered to be validated, and allow him to heal.

It's been noted that Azzy started hallucinating Zaros' commands, even though Zaros didn't have a connection to him any more.

So, Zamorak is simply keeping a close personal eye on one of his most faithful, if at least messed up, commanders close by.

Moia, as the others mentioned, could simply round out the whole list of everything he is looking for in a true Zamorakian.
And if he was aware of Lucien's true goals, this could be a proverbial nail in the coffin to Lucien's legacy to show why Zamorak's way was superior (and right) and why Lucien was nothing but a pretender.

18-Nov-2017 00:50:31



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Honestly they both seem pretty equal to me, just fulfilling different roles. In Dishonour Among Thieves Zamorak refers to Bilrach as his right hand and Moia as his left. Moia seems to lead Zamorak's forces and spy-network, while Bilrach could be more of an advisor. Zamorak states in Dishonour Among thieves that he's more useful at his side.

If Zamorak really is biased towards Moia it might be because of a personal attachment rather than a strategic one. He seems to be the father she never had in Lucien. Zamorak seems quite sentimental in his own way, putting his life before Khazard, constantly trying to become a martyr...

Regardless, Moia is definitely not weak. If the Oracle is to be believed "The last Dream has the most Potential". If "dream" refers to the Mahjarrat, as they are Dreams of Mah, then that'd mean either Khazard or Moia has the most potential. Moia's potential in particular has been stressed quite a few times. Although the somewhat recent reveal that Zamorak's Khazard's father gives him a fair shot as well.
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Moia embodies Zamoraks philosophy far more than Bilrach.

Bilrach is useful, but has lost himself mentally.

Having a god take control and use every ounce of their Strength to keep hold of your mind and speak through you can't be good for anyone, let alone someone already having heard voices.

At least.. That's the most obvious reason I can find.
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