Am I a Saradominist?

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Raxxess said:

Well they obviously are banking on factions GWD2 and Sliske's Endgame is supposed to be based on your choices. It is just them seem to favor factions over others in regards to the main story arc, which is fine there is no doubt that the mahjarrat, Zaros, and Seren are more important but they should give other gods a bone too.

Yeah.....gwd2 choices which doesn't affect the story at all......., so far our choices have only changed a sentence or 2, and lets be honest the most that our choices will change in end game is whether Death or Ichtarin are in it, apart of that it will be the same story for I said faction choices in quests are just an illusion of choice, the story will be the same for everyone as long as it continues.

30-Nov-2016 17:08:01

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