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Hazeel said:

The combat levels weren't there for gameplay reasons since we didn't fight them. And honestly, the EoC combat levels make much more sense. We shouldn't be able to beat a level 1000 monster. Everyone monster over level 400 should be able to OHKO us, but that's not the case.

Maybe for normal monsters (and even then I'd argue that just being more powerful than us doesn't mean they'd necessarily beat us), but in RoTM they're way too low. Lucien should be much much higher than 109.
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I believe that Azzanadra's dedication to Zaros is all that keeps him going. He went a bit mad during those years because he had to believe Zaros was still around somewhere, guiding him. If Zaros were to die, or dismiss him, he would likely either snap or break down. He helped Zaros build an empire. That empire was destroyed, and over half his kin betrayed him to tear it all down. Zaros is all he has left. Beneath the gold, the Bitter Steel.

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Half Centaur said:
I wonder if that will change with CoM and we'll see Mahjarrat more prone to confrontation now they don't have to worry about 'keeping the gloves on', so to speak.

I thought it might actually reduce conflict. They no longer need to sacrifice each other, and have agreed to a semi-truce. So long as they don't interfere with each other's plans, they have no reason to fight. The only reason they kept tabs on each other at all was to know who would become a major player at the next ritual, and who would be a likely sacrifice.

As it currently stands, their population is still dwindling, and they can't afford to needlessly throw away their lives.

Another factor to consider is that they are all more powerful by now, and don't know how the others have been affected. They may be more reluctant to fight until they can determine the scope of each other's power.
Beneath the gold, the Bitter Steel.

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