Tumeken and His 4 Facets

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I've been theorizing for quite awhile that Tumeken split himself into the Aspects. We don't have definitive confirmation the Aspects were around before his explosion, but it would make sense that Tumeken's Dream could have taken place a few days before the assault began - it's likely the Menaphites were aware of the attack and Tumeken planned for the worst. Splitting 4 pieces of his soul (the Egyptians believed there were 5, the Sheut, the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, and the Ib) off and creating life from them would be a good way to "horcrux" himself, and then with just his Ib left, he "exploded" and wiped out the invaders when hope seemed lost. The Kharid-Ib was likely formed from what remained after the explosion.

I've been pretty widely spreading the idea that reforming Tumeken is possible and requires the four Aspects and the Kharid Ib, and I think Amascut is trying to stop this from happening due to her machinations against the Aspects.

Since we now know that Amascut and Icthlarin were formed from an actual Cat and Dog (I still despise this lore), only the Aspects are the outliers, per say. It would stand to reason they are a part of Tumeken fully!

Regarding Freneskae - yes, it is indeed on the opposite end of the universe from Gielinor. It was the start point, and Gielinor was the end for the Elders. As to how they found it? I'm personally thinking something to do with Jas herself - after all, she is in the desert.
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