The Ancient Warriors

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Do we know what god the Ancient Warriors (Vesta, Morrigan, Statius, Zuriel) followed during the 3rd age?

I always assumed that they were remnants of the Zarosian Empire hence the "Ancient". Also considering that their armor is the same colors as the Ancient Warriors in GWD.

Also, is their story written anywhere, or is it all up in the air, like Seers?


Idk. Random question. Debate below, unless there's solid evidence somewhere that I missed.

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Vesta and Statius have names originating in Latin. So they probably have some connection to the Zarosian Empire.

Zuriel is Hebrew, and Morrigan is Irish. Neither or which match up well with known rulerships of the time. Perhaps this is an indication that their names originate from the people of some of the territories of unknown gods that got swallowed up during the 2nd and 3rd age.

Acknowledging that the miasmic spells (exclusive to Zuriel's staff) were formerly placed in the ancient spellbook, that limits Zuriel to being Zarosian or Zamorakian. Considering the name origin, I'd say Zamorakian.

Given where their armors come from (revenants and chaos elemental), I'd say they likely lived during the 3rd age and perished when Forinthry was annihilated.

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