Did Jagex make a mistake?

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T Ancalagon

T Ancalagon

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With Saradomin?

Honestly they should have revealed Garlandia to be a liar as the whole wing ripping scenario is just utterly ridiculous.

I'm no Saradomin fan but having Jagex make Saradomin actually try and justify ripping her wings was was just stupid I actually found it horrfying to read when he talked about tendons snapping and a shower of feathers etc- how any "good guy" could honestly think that was a wise or rational move ...

This isn't a thread attacking Saradomin, it's more about Jagex choice to essentially cement this ridiculous violent act as part of Saradomin forever by having him confirm it was true and yet have the weakest excuse for it.
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20-Dec-2016 17:21:47

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