The Skulls in Arc vs Draynor

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sir eos lee

sir eos lee

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Something of a Lore Question.

We have "The Skulls" gang in Draynor Village, run by Khnum (seen during the quest Stolen Hearts)
And we have "The Skulls" who are involved in slavery and I guess piracy in the Arc.

Are both groups part of the same organization?
Was Khnum running just a local branch in Draynor? or was he the overall leader of the organization?

12-Jul-2016 14:10:08

fmod Member


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Perhaps he fled Draynor and ran away to sea, later to become leader of a pirate crew?

Or possibly "Khnum's Skulls" (numbskulls, geddit?) and "The Skulls" are completely unrelated ;)

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Jon Stryder

Jon Stryder

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Are the pirates currently raiding Port Sarim actually known collectively as 'The Skulls'? Or are the scouts, press-gangers and bosuns just referred to as such because they come from the Skull region of the Eastern Lands (an area rife with pirates and slavers.) –= MEGA Construction Rework =–

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12-Jul-2016 17:24:17

Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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I don't know.. Draynor is such a humungusly huge place, that I have an inability to comprehend it's parts, and could very well be missing whole swathes of gangs hiding in the many houses and back alleys of this veritable metropolis.

12-Jul-2016 17:27:36

Weird Tomboy

Weird Tomboy

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Yeah I noticed this as well, seems more like an oversight on the concept artists side then anything else.

"The Skulls" Is a pretty child-friendly name for a villain organization to have. I was fine with it when it came to the Draynor Skulls because they were just a wannabe gang, so having a silly name was fitting.

Really hard to take a full-blown pirate organization seriously though when that is their name.
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12-Jul-2016 21:16:46

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I'm fairly confident in saying Jagex either wanted to confuse us or forgot. That is to say, no. They're not the same people, not even related by anything more than a name. A
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13-Jul-2016 06:47:13

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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Is Bob the Lumbridge Axe seller related to Bob the Cat? Same first name, so must be right?

No...the names are likely related to various things. The Draynor skulls are a play on words (see Archs post) that also sounds appropriate while the new group is likely based on the location the pirates came from (The Skull Islands) as mentioned before. The only relationship these groups have is the fact they seem dead set on not behaving themselves and being set right by a decent and amiable adventurer who has help.
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13-Jul-2016 07:34:30

Mod Rowley

Mod Rowley

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No, they are definitely the same group. They've been mentioned in certain Ports voyages too, and are known to have an abandoned fort on one of the Arc islands. There's a tie the opposite way too, with Kharidian exiles being potential Ports crew.

Their name most likely derives from the Skull region, though their presence is felt in adjacent regions and in the west.

Khnum may have created the gang, but since his arrest the remains have splintered. They were more of a mercenary group before, but now they'll do pretty much anything to earn money and survive.

It would be a bit silly and confusing to have two different gangs with the exact same name, a similar MO, and identical clothing (and even some identical NPCs).

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