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Hguoh said:
Penny Drakis said:
Also, Dorgesh-Kaan is no more. It was destroyed recently enough that there were enough intact goblin inventions to reverse engineer several electric appliances. But still. DESTROYED BY THE WRATH OF BANDOS
. Sure, Bandos was likely greatly weakened by Guthix, but it seems that his chosen commander still rose.


Erm.... Not quite. Without us there, assuming Zanik ever left Dorgesh-Kaan, Zanik would have died at HAM's hands and had nobody to take her to the Tears of Guthix. More notably, there would have been nobody around to expose Sigmund's attempt to frame the Dorgeshuun.

At best, Zanik would have been leading the Dorgeshuun against an assault by the military of Lumbridge without her Bandos Avatar form (never taken to Yu'biusk) until HAM brought the cave down upon their city.

According to Zemouregal's notes, Zanik is appointed Chosen Commander by Bandos and goes to the Temple of Lost Ancients to lead Bandos' forces there. Under her leadership, the forces of Bandos push back their enemies, seize all the pieces of the Godsword, and use the reforged weapons to achieve final victory over all other forces. However, Zanik, overconfident in her victory, then discovered and opened the ancient prison beneath the temple and was killed by Nex instantly.

Plus it was stated that the tears of Guthix didn't save her, it was Bandos, That's why when she was dying in Mighty Falls, because Bandos used up his energy to save her, weakening him to a lower tier.
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