Sliske's Master? (KS spoilers)

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Hello everyone!

I just completed the newest quest, Kindred Spirits, and in my opinion it contains some information regarding to Sliske's possible master. I have my thoughts hidden below so anyone, who hasn't done the quest, don't get spoiled (I hope so).

Yes, to my thoughts! In the quest, you will find information related to Sliske and his plans. It seems that he has observed the World Guardian since his/her birth because of the "Glory of Zaros" incident. The survivor, who ended up in Nabor's asylum, spoke the World Guardian's name and the name of Xau-Tak, about whom we have heard in Nomad's Elegy and Hero's Welcome quests.

Then there's the cutscene in which Sliske speaks to an unknown person while holding the Staff of Armadyl in the Stone of Jas chamber. Sliske tells the person, "I live to serve" which might indicate that he [Sliske] is speaking to his master whose indentity is so far unknown. I'm not sure about that, but I interpreted it so.

So who is Sliske's master? I suggest that it is Xau-Tak. This god is related to death, corpses and oceans, thus V tells that the planets, in which Xau-Tak has been, are now "corpse oceans". Sliske is a necromancer and for that reason it may be obvious that by serving Xau-Tak Sliske benefits by both getting undead and sadistic destruction.

What do you think? The quest is filled with lore and my interpretation from my findings led me to this conclusion. The upcoming Sliske's Endgame quests may either disprove or support this, but it shall be seen since this is just a theory.
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Off the top of my head, I came up with two possibilities:

Schizophrenia. Wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it actually, his overall demeanor and actions all point to insanity, and his (extremely volatile) reaction when he found out we were aware of some of the backstage plots he's been developing, really make me consider this.

An unspecified god/goddess, other than Xau-Tak. From what I could gather from reading the journals, he never did follow up on the leads concerning that name, after investigating the "Glory of Zaros" incident, eventually hitting a dead end and letting it go.
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Seems like it's Xau-Tak. Hoping it might be someone else, but Xau-Tak would make sense. The master seemed very familiar with how the Siphon works. Death at Sea also seemed to explain why Sliske is so interested in us, so it feels like we and Sliske are both pawns to Xau-Tak.

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I doubt it's Xau-Tak. It would be really forced and wouldn't make much sense overall.

Sliske's master is clearly Lucien anyway. Maybe you guys are seriously overthinking this and it (was) Zaros. The cutscene took place before FOT* and Zaros lied when he said he wasn't working with Sliske.
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It IS Xau-Tak, the sailor from the SECOND AGE mentions the character name far before they are even born. Xau-Tak knew that we could potentially be a problem. The diary it is set in is from when the asylum in Silvarea is active, this is very disturbing.

Also, i think that maybe the yellowish dialogue that we see is the 6th unborn elder god. It is a well known theory that the elder god is the one, 'not of form' and i believe Sliske knows this and serves it to gain his own power.

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The Xau-Tak bit is interesting, but Xau honestly doesn't seem to fit in this case.

Keep in mind, this is Sliske we are talking about. And if we know anything about him, it's that he only ever serves himself and his own interests.

I guess what I'm getting at is this: it is far more likely that the mysterious voice is an ally of Sliske, rather than an actual master.

I'm rather inclined to believe the Schizophrenia idea (especially with the duality of his masks: light and shadow, positive and negative, etc...).

Or, alternatively, as the speaker seems to know quite a bit about the Siphon, the Catalyst, and the Dragonkin, the speaker might just be Jas (or maybe the stone itself).

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