Zaros' neglect towards Wahi

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Angof Cywir

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Greetings, Zarosians, this is another bash thread trying to convince you naughty Zarosians to reevaluate your lives questions your faith.

So what's up with the way Zaros has been treating Wahisietel and Akthanakos? They have been left in the dark about everything. Zaros' return in fotg, Zaros' current plans, and now it seems that they are going to be excluded from Sliske's Endgame, too. Looking at the BTS - December, at minute mark 1:01 and 1:09, we see all the gods gathered in the desert north of Nardah, (Outside of Wahi's house I might add!) And who does Zaros invite to accompany to Sliske's gathering? Azzandra, obviously; Char, the last person I would trust keeping a secret to given the fact she blurted her whole backstory to us in TFC; and Vindicta, who probably just met the guy and was raised and lectured in a cave by the beliefs of pre-God War Zaros.

Why did Zaros not invite Wahisietel and Akthanakos?! In the BTS, we also see Seren bringing all her elven clan leaders to the party - d'awww how sweet and caring of her <3 ,but as for Zaros, can we give him a thumbs down? He forgot about two of his Mahjarrat again!

The two Mahjarrat are clearly irked about always being left in the dark as we can see in their CoM dialogue:

"I fear that he has been given another secret note by Zaros, another task that can only been[sic] given to the trusted. As if I am untrustworthy. As if I have no ability. Am I a footnote? Is that where I lie in that damned Perjour's book? Am I to be an observer in this wretched story?!"

[on questioning his loyalty to Zaros] "I feel like a chess piece that was on the winning side having never been moved."

cont. on next post
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Angof Cywir

Angof Cywir

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I can ignore Akthanakos for now, but why for the love of Seren wasn't Wahisietel at least invited to the purple dimension meeting near the end of FotG?

Lets look back at how they were selected to attend the purple dimension meeting thing show we?

-Zaros and the Player after being almost crushed by Mah and are now outside the World Gate on Freneskae-

Zaros: "Lead on through the gate; I will follow. I wish to address my loyal followers upon my return."

-Player on Gielinor speaking to Azzy now-

"I can almost sense Zaros's presence. Is he close?"

"He's right behind me. He said he wants to address his loyal followers upon his arrival."
Let me call on Nex and Char and totally leave Wahisietel and Akthanakos in the dark, even though he did call for his "loyal followers - not 'most loyal,' just plain loyal." (he didn't say this part but it's basically what happened)

So this is just cruel and wrong :/ Wahisietel spent thousands of years being a closeted Zarosian, pretending to be a nasty Zamorakian, to avoid being being persecuted and sacrificed in rituals. Now that is devout loyalty right there! Meanwhile, Char was asleep, Vinny was in a cave, Azz was in a pyramid. They did not have to endure the struggles and pain of being a loyal Zarosian under an anti-Zaros world. It's just blatant mean to ignore him after years of loyalty. Zaros (or Azz if he is conspiring against Wahi and Akth) is a meanie!

Zaros better watch his back! His ignorance might cause Akthankos or Wahisietel to turn and backstab him. The seeds of betrayal I can see are already sown into Akthanakos, wanting to become a god.


P.S You can ignore this thread, Katrina. I already listened to your response in the lore fc.
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Angof Cywir

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reserved in case.

you may now post.
I submissively obey Lady Seren's every whim and relish every waking moment willingly serving her. She is my mistress and I am nothing without her. I am without thought, self-awareness, and being without her. She is my everything.

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I'm assuming you live in one of the world's numerous countries, correct? Given Runescape's player distribution, it is most likely somewhere in North America or Europe.

I must ask, do you expect your governmental body to tell you everything or involve you in every activity they choose to pursue?

Akthanakos and Wahisietal are right to doubt and be skeptical of Zaros's actions (as should most citizens under a government so as to work against both corruption within the system and evil/unethical/unfavorable acts being committed in their name). That being said, that alone does not justify the disclosure of sensitive information whilst the operation it pertains to is still going on.

In addition, given the parties that readily state their opposition to whatever Zaros will do (most pertinently Seren), it is not an unreasonable expectation that possession of that knowledge puts the bearer at risk. Ergo, further distribution of the information unnecessarily endangers not only the plan, but also the safety of those whom did not require it in the first place.

At that point, it comes down to whether or not one trusts in their leaders to act in secret responsibly. And while you or I might not, note that Wahisietal's and Athanakos's dialogue on the subject indicates they feel superfluous and/or neglected, not distrustful. As Wahi says earlier in the quest:

Wahisietel: Of course, Zaros. We would follow you to the ends of the cosmos.

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TFW you're not invited to the summit even though it's literally right outside your house, and a lizard who has literally never met Zaros is considered more trustworthy than you
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Vindicta is there because the summit is right by the Heart. You know, the place that Vindicta is fighting for in Zaros' name? So yes, Wahisietel should be included, but Vindicta's inclusion actually does make sense, so I don't think comparing the two is fair. Though Wahisietel certainly has every right to be angry.

As for Char, I'm glad she's there, and I wish they would just require The Firemaker's Curse already. Her mission was to try and keep tabs on the Catalyst and the Siphon, and this quest will address both of those.

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It's simply a matter of use, power, and yes...loyalty. Akthanakos, for example, isn't really that loyal. He just had to pick a side after Zamorak defeated Zaros and he wanted to be on a side where he was protected. While the Zamorakians significantly ounumbered the Zarosians, they didn't factioneer quite as much. Zamorakians tended to follow tradition and kill the weakest coward in their bunch, regardless of whose side they were on. Zarosians were a little more likely to protect their own. Akthanakos wanted to be protected--and I'm sure he didn't want to be with Enakhra either.

Likewise, Jhallen was a weakling who wanted to be protection. He didnt' really care for factions, but he was desperate to survive. Sliske did the same thing and was willing to join the Zamorakians if things became too dire for the Zarosians (DoD).

Wahisietel was another one headed to the chopping block (DoD) and it's definitely possible he was another one who just wanted to be protected. But that's just a maybe. Either way, he's not that powerful, not too bright, and not very useful. But even so, he might be loyal...but he's not loyal enough.

Zaros has always been paranoid, and I'm sure his betrayal only heightened that. Loyalty isn't enough anymore. Zamorak was "loyal", but look how that turned out? The fact is, once Wahisietel got more power and became more immune to Zaros' aura, he began to question him. Same with Akthanakos. This isn't acceptable. You can't question Zaros no matter what happens. You need to be stupidly loyal like Azzanadra. Zaros wants a follower so blindly and stupidly devoted that they would follow him even if he castrated them and smacked them across the face with their own testicles.

The only exception is the WG because they're too useful not to keep around.
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Jagex have said before that Zaros views Wahi as an agent of Azzanadra. We don't see all of Nex's soldiers or Vindicta's soldiers at either gathering either, and that's the reason he doesn't get Wahi. "Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
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I think it is a matter of loyalty; there's no doubt that Akthanakos and Wahi are loyal, but they're just not on the same level as the inner circle.

Azzanadra: his loyalty takes the form of mental illness
Nex: more or less a robot created by Zaros, might not even be capable of independent thought
Char: extremely overzealous, to the point of emotional instability

Azzanadra and Char are basically lunatics, while Nex is an attack dog. Their loyalty is fanatical. Compared to that, Wahi and Akthanakos don't measure up.

I think Hazeel's assessment of Akthanakos is accurate; the source of his loyalty is cowardice/insecurity. But in Wahi's case, his loyalty is ideological in nature. A lot of his dialogue includes emphasis on the importance of knowledge and planning. His memory is absolutely clinical in tone, and his examine text describes him as "level-headed" -- he is extremely rational. This type of thinking is very much in line with Zaros', so it's no wonder that Wahi's been a loyal follower for so long. But ideological similarities do not produce the same brand of loyalty as borderline-insane fanaticism, which, combined with Zaros' desire to keep the inner circle as small as possible, explains why Wahi has been benched.
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I dont think akthanakos is a coward. If he were, he would have joined the zamorakian faction since the zarosian faction would seem much weaker while their god is dead/gone. Jhallan *is* a zarosian and a coward, but he becomes a coward over time, he used to be a decent warrior and it makes sense that he'd stay with the zarosians (after becoming a coward) after seeing that they're still a force in the rituals

To me what paladin says makes the most sense, that they're underlings of azzy. It's not Zaros who doesnt trust wahi and akthanakos, if anyone it's azzanadra who doesn't. Which is unfortunate because I sort of wanted wahi and azzy to be the very best of platonic friends. Maybe they're only friends as ali the wise and dr nabanik :P

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