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Half Centaur said:

And those guys south of East Ardougne.

Ya know, I actually forgot about them. O_o

Half Centaur said:
It'd be pretty neat to connect all those dots we see with Necromancy in game. From Dragith Nurn to that dude in the wizard's guild to Rashilyia to the Mahjarrat.

Crafting obsidian prisms and maybe binding the Barrows brothers to us would make things quite interesting...

The real question with Necromancy is what use would it provide the player that wouldn't break combat? We've already got summoning after-all.

I'm drawing a blank myself since Necromancy is already confirmed in lore to be some branch of magic that few understand, and any magic stuff I can think of is either already covered with the ancient curses and standard spellbook debuffs or delegated to summoning.

Unless it becomes some sort of...idk...invention type thing for summoning familiars where we 'augment' them with it at the cost of them looking dead and requiring more upkeep or something. But that's assuming they make Necromancy a skill to begin with rather than keep it in the realm of plot restricted magic like they've been doing so far.
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24-Dec-2016 05:06:31

Half Centaur
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Half Centaur

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I actually had an extended conversation in the lore fc about Necromancy, we came up with some good ideas-

1. Make it a kind of auxillary to slayer/bossing. Say you're trying to run through a task of slayer. Maybe you put down a totem, or activate a spell that resurrects the monsters you kill, maybe debuffs them, and makes them aggro you again. Rather than dropping items, they just continuously attack you. Or for bossing, you get a chance to see the drops, and have the ability to "reroll" if you will- and resurrect them with a minor debuff in the hopes of killing them quickly for better drops.

2. Undead minions. This is kind of similar to summoning, in a way- but the time limit on familiars will be more notable. Say you carry the heart of a famous adventurer (Cyrisus, Randas, Camorra, Captain Dulcin, Reese- other deceased quest npcs unlocked from certain quests and their remains gathered at special points) You can use them as familiars, but if they time out- there's a chance they attack you instead of their target. They level, like weapons, and maybe there's multiple stages for them Skeletal -> Zombified -> Wight of increasing strength.

3. Mummy servants. This is the kind of skilling aid thing like with invention. So, you could assign a mummy servant to say, watch your farming patch for you. Or fletch something for you. Or decant your potions. etc. Minor things to speed up your game while you do something else.

Also, had an idea for a D&D/minigame involving Zemoregal. Have a sort of battle of skill, where you throw you undead minions at him, and he throws his at you. First one to die loses. Maybe an easy mode where instead you minions attack the gargoyle.

It'd be fun to toy with the ethics of the skill. Maybe remind the player of the wand of resurrection- and that if they had the power to restore their bodies- the undead wouldn't be undead anymore.
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26-Dec-2016 18:50:23

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Hey guys not sure if this is news or not but I was strolling around the Empyrean Citadel when I bumped into Janus one of Sliskes chums! He didn't have anything really that interesting to say apart from "you may have stopped Sliske once...blah blah blah... there's always another scheme...blah blah blah... you're time will come...blah blah blah" etc

Just figured I'd let those that haven't seen him it's just another bit of post quest dialogue and goodness knows we could use a bit more I wanna have a good ol' chinwag with my buddies Death and Ichthlarin and thank Seren and Zaros for having my back against Sliske!
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26-Dec-2016 23:15:57

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