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Orikalkum Dragons, or Dragon Dragons, are mentioned in the journal of the dragonkin Forcae.
Even after the creation of the mighty Rune Dragons, Forcae knew he could do better. Orikalkum or Dragon metal, would create the ultimate metal dragon according to Forcae.
However, in order to do such a thing, he would need a pure vein of orikalkum ore. The problem is that would be much easier said than done. It is said in the journal that orikalkum only exist in ore form on the dragonkin home planet. According to known history, the dragonkin home planet was destroyed eons ago by the elder gods Jas, Ful, Wen, and Bik. While the dragonkin only survived by hiding in the abyss amongst the rubble of previous universes destroyed long ago.
Meaning unless there are either orikalkum ore on other worlds, or there is a decent quality ore vein on the ruins of the dragonkin home world in the abyss Forcae's dream will never be a reality.
Especially due to the likelyhood of the death of Forcae at the hands of his owns creations when he tried to "teach the Rune Dragons respect"

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