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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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Reading Last Riders again, though this is less about Ilujanka and more about Gorvek.

Apropos said 'We must ride with Zamorak. The Empty Lord is never going to honour his deal with us. if Zamorak becomes a god tonight, we'll be rewarded for siding with him.' Morvannon had already mounted her dragon, ready to fly.

'No. We can't risk our lives allying with Zamorak,' said Ablenkian. 'The Empty Lord has promised us offspring after the war. If we warn him, he will reward our loyalty. Besides, how do you know Zamorak has the power to give us anything? Balustan nodded in agreement.

Like the gurh-meets of old, we voted on our steeds. Ablenkian and Balustans dragons belched fire into the air; Morvannon and Aproposs dragons streamed fire to the ground. My dragon stood: sullen, unmoving, undecided.

Gorvek was with Morvannon in favour of siding with Zamorak.
Wonder if Vindicta knows he did that. :P
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Ancient Drew

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She probably does, but all the Ilujanka at that meeting were trying to decide on finding someone to save their race. Morvannon felt that Zaros was failing and tried to see if Zamorak could offer an alternative, but then when he disappeared, the Zamorakians got it in their heads that all of the Ilujanka betrayed them and decided to kill them off.

The Zarosians felt the same with Balustan and Ablenkian who tried to warn them, but I think in the end none of the Ilujanka actually did anything. They likely were still weighing up their options when they were all set upon. This would have had an affect on Vindicta, who may carry the will of Morvannon, who hid her egg on Gorvek, and he managed to get Vindicta safe.

The way Vindicta might see it, Zamorak was the one who betrayed the Ilujanka by promising to save their race, then ending up killing them. She was brought up and baptised in the flames of combat, possibly eating meat and eggs Gorvek brought back and later grotworms she had been killing in training for revenge on the Furies. Just my take on things. :P
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