Rainbow's End

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Devi Rukmini

Devi Rukmini

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I absolutely LOVE this promotion and spent another $40 on top of the 100+ keys I already had. I didn't get the cape, but that's how the game goes. :P The gamble was worth it. :D

Some constructive feedback:
1. The 1X multiplier came up too much. The frequency bothers me enough that I'm unlikely to spend so much again. I'd definitely go $20 though.

2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many small pris stars. Thank you for the div xpeez, but it kind of sucks the fun out of it and that works against me spending more cash. I really want that rainbow cape and could easily spend more money, but I won't because I also have plenty of coins to buy it in game and what I've been getting from keys just isn't worth more real world money.

It's been a fun promotion and it's a fantastic cosmetic. As a female, long time player who's able to spend real world money on fashionscape, I say: Bring it on! :D

If you're going to do some sort of headpiece, please don't make it ridiculously stupid with the angler fish lure like the crown of seasons. Gawd! You know a straight guy designed that. Seriously. :P Y'all need more women to be designing some decent stuff, if you want more of my money.

That being said, I did get the spider outfit and the peacock. With the exception of not enough weapon overrides in the peacock, they are lovely. :D Good job, Jagex!

27-Nov-2016 11:26:30

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