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so recently i have found out that the UK servers are the ones with the biggest experience of lag and attacks going on. a very helpful in game player told me. also yes, i have had my account compromised a few days ago, logged off for two minutes to make a sandwich came back, and i could not log in from either my 07 account or eoc, started skyping all my friends, a few others went through the same thing. finally after hours of nail biting and praying to zammy, i find that i can use twitter for almost instant response action to get my account locked. which did the fix. i log on and find that all my runes, ores, money, and armor is gone. i am not the type to smash my keyboard over this type of loss, but it was defiantly a set back in game wise. being a skiller. i would like to express to all others this happens to, to set up a bank pin as fast as you can, it really restricts what they can do, and to log off with all your inventory and wearing items in the bank so they have not gain from anything. and look like a dumb-ass for stealing your account. my eoc account had nothing wrong with it, which was good, but odd to find just one account being attacked. i would like to express my thanks to jagex for being so timely on it over twitter. is there anyway we can add a lock your account button on the runescape help forums or account? that would solve a great deal of issues and worry. i know its pixels and whatnot, but this game was my savior in middle school when i had no irl friends and wanted to "not see the next day", i have enjoyed this and just want to know that my account is always safe.

05-Jan-2015 07:48:09

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