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I have been trying to recover my old RS account for a long time but it seems its lost. I cant even find it on the RS tracker?

I just got back into RS and RS mobile and i have been trying to get my old account back (name: absul136).
I played RS many years ago, i dont remember exacly (between 5-10 years or more).

So the issue here is i forgot my old (probably childish) email adress (a '' account/ c*************@h******.com.). I havent used is for ages so its probably deleted by now. I also forgot my old RS accounts password :(. I have tried 'password reset' on my account but it keeps getting denied.

So i just wanted to know, is there ANY way possible to get my childhood account back? I have so many fond memories of it. The account was a 'tank build' with 99range/ 99 def and i know i loved doing slayer too.

Many thanks

16-Jan-2020 17:33:37

Day Dreams
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Day Dreams

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In case you don't know yet, if you are using the account to log in to OSRS, the stats for everyone in OSRS were reset when the game was released.

Your old account will still have its stats and gear on... RuneScape 3... It's up to you whether you want to jump in to that black hole of nothing, though.
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19-Jan-2020 21:35:15

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Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum for best results, as this an account issue rather than an issue getting the game to run on your system.

Accounts do not get deleted. However they do get removed from the HiScores if they are ftp and go inactive for a period of time. Don't worry, your stats should still be on the account.

The following articles in the Support Centre should be of help:
Reset your password
Your email is old/inaccessible

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

20-Jan-2020 07:02:22

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Hi there

When requesting Jagex help to find an old account, Jagex need at least ONE of these three pieces of ID:
* the login
* the display name
* the registered email

If your account is nine years old or older, its login will be a 'username', not an email.

Why don't you try the tools on the Forgotten login support page as you need to get the login correct before moving on to try to recover access.
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20-Jan-2020 07:56:09

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