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my buddy just logged in and called me saying all his full dragon is gone no one knows his password he just changed it recently has a bank pin and some how his items are gone on his equipment and his inventory I never saw his account log in since we played last night 8/25 is now 8/26 jagex is useless and ddoesnt replace items and theres no way to contact them so its pretty useless having a support option if they don't value their players

27-Aug-2019 01:18:54

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Hi there

Ask your friend to check his Authenticator.
Is his Authenticator still active or has it been disabled?

If his Authenticator is still active it means he has been deceived by a phisher, very likely on social media (Twitch stream, Youtube video, Facebook page).
If his Authenticator has been disabled it means his email is insecure.

He should check the logins to his email and change the email password.
He needs to re-secure his account. Instructions: Securing your account
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27-Aug-2019 01:27:05

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Believe it or not but theres actually a glitch where items in inventory become invisible.
Re-logging, banking the items can probably solve this issue, for your friends sake i hope this is the case.

Jagex not having any customer support isn't anything new tho.
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12-Oct-2019 11:07:03

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I've locked this because the author's situation was resolved a few months and they haven't returned to the forums since then.

With that in mind, please be more mindful of the threads on which you are posting, DiskOfReturn. There is no need to post on an old thread like this that is on page 25 or thereabouts.
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12-Oct-2019 12:18:45

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