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Port 80 said:
@topbass @wynd

I would happily send them photos of my drivers license and bills in my name. Heck, even debit/credit cards from the same bank I used. I cannot provide card numbers for a card I used to pay for membership because I lost the card back in 2017, and used the card to pay for membership in 2015.
Sharing information that isn't stored in their systems will not work. They want you to provide details that are already saved so that they are able to cross-reference them. If you were able to provide a drivers license, how is this going to help in the recovery process if the drivers license wasn't added before? Only information that has been used before can be taken into consideration when trying to recover an account.

14-Oct-2019 14:52:41



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Port 80 said:
As for the question about recovery thus far; The emails I receive are days/weeks later. So I believe they are manually reviewing them.
That's an excellent sign. It does mean that your request has passed Jagex's automated system and is being reviewed by a Jagex Moderator. With that in mind, since your request is being denied, you are also being sent an email that includes tips and suggestions as to what to include on your next attempt.

You should read this email carefully as the Jagex Moderator in question is trying to help you.

14-Oct-2019 14:58:11

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So, you have access to the account but it is banned.
It is still insecure because you have been unable to change the password.
You cannot change the password because you no longer have access to the linked email.
Your attempts to 'recover' the account to reset the linked email have been unsuccessful.

Is this the situation?
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15-Oct-2019 00:01:31

Master Bids
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Master Bids

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First suggestion, scan all your devices for any suspicious programs. Secondly, make an appeal. Mistakes happen, its life and Jagex knows that. Collect any physical information regarding your account. Bills, ID, proof of address and so on. Good luck fellow adventurer! Do you have what it stakes?

27-Oct-2019 21:57:08

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Hello Master Bids

While I understand that your intention is to help, it does not help at all to bump a thread from pages 7 or 8 of this forum -- especially for two reasons in this case.

First, the three things you mention are things that posters already mentioned to the author at the time he created the thread. In other words, you haven't provided anything new.

Second, and more importantly, the author hasn't been in the forums since he made that thread and last posted on approximately two weeks ago. This situation was resolved to the extent that it could be resolved almost two weeks ago.

Please keep the above in mind as you browse this forum. It is awesome that you'd like to help! However, the best help is when an author and a situation is active as well as when one is adding to helpful information bits.
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