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I've been thinking about hosting an event the day of the RS gathering on Saturday April 18th.

For this event I though it would be a good idea to do something a little more social where we can all just meet up an hour before the gathering to chat and get to know e/o better "in person."

I was also a huge fan of house parties when they were popular in world 31 back in the day. Now a days most people only use their houses for quick teles, and training prayer.. So for the event I was thinking we could all meet at my house an hour or so before the gathering and play some old school games from the house partying days.

One of my favorite games was a fashion show. This is where you'd bring as many clothing items in your inventory and dress to the category the host says. For example, "Category is 'Welcome to the Jungle' most animal like costume." Then all the players would go through their inventory for cloths of something that best represents an animal. Then they get scored based on what their wearing. And the winner of the fashion show is whoever has the most points at the end of 5 categories.

This is just an idea I had; just wanted to see how people felt about it and see if it's something you'll would enjoy doing. So please let me know :D

12-Apr-2015 01:09:55



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Since returning to RS I've realized that I'm in need of a home world..

I'd like to suggest having one for this FC for both osrs and rs3 for anyone who wants to join it. It would just make it even more social then it already is, and have official place where most events can take place. Of course there should be some sort of vote on which worlds would be best, but I guess we'll talk about that if enough people like this idea.

Let me know how y'all feel about this suggestion (:


25-Apr-2015 00:21:12

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