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What is the competition?

We’re offering the chance for you and a friend to join us for a special recording session at Abbey Road in London, on Tuesday, December 12th.

Transport costs will be covered, and we’ll also provide you with three nights in a top London hotel. Any flights for you and your chosen friend will need to be together (i.e. on the same flight).

You can find out more about the historic studio right here.

How can I enter?

To enter, simply head to this forum thread found here, this Reddit thread here, or tweet/post on Instagram using the hashtag #MyRuneScapeSong, telling us what your favourite RS track is and why.

We're only allowing one entry per person. Any attempts to enter additional times may result in your expulsion from the competition.

When is the deadline for entries?

Entries close at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. We'll contact the winner the following week.

How will we choose a winner, and how will that winner be contacted?

We’ll choose one winner across our forums, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram based on their entry and contact them on the platform through which they entered. Forum winners will be contacted through the in-game inbox.We’ll also announce the winner in a news post two weeks after the competition has finished.

You will have seven days to claim your prize, which can be done by replying to our message. If it is not claimed within that window, another winner will be chosen.

Anything else I need to know?

You and your chosen friend will need to sign an NDA prior to entering the Studio on the 12th.

This competition is in accordance with our Competition Terms and Conditions.
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My favorite Runescape music track is Taverley Adventure. I am listening to it now for inspiration as I compose this message.

This track is the most memorable Runescape track for me. I remember the first time I heard it was when I entered the wilderness around 2012, which was when I created this account.

I will always associate it with the adrenaline rush that I felt when entering the wilderness knowing that I risked all the gear I had on. In a modern life with basically no dangers due to our level of technology and society, the risk of my virtual goods is the closest I've ever come to feeling any sense of risk.

That feeling will forever be connected to Taverley Adventure, and this game will always have a nostalgic feeling for me. I can't imagine my life without Runescape.

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Dar Tra
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Dar Tra

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For me it's the song "Wending Through The Willows" from the quest Song From The Depths. This song is beautiful! It's both innocent and sad. I find it to be a truly haunting song and melody. Even though the quest is long done, often play this on the game music player. Runescape and ..... well it's all Runescape

16-Nov-2017 20:52:19

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This track brings back the memories of me first playing Runescape. fighting my first ever boss, Agorath.
When I first started Vorago, I recognized the theme. I wasn't aware that both bosses shared a theme.
Agorath is well past me by now, but as i fight Vorago today, I always remember that first day.

EDIT: Sorry, wrong forum

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Among the dozens of fun environments, over two hundred quests, and countless lore books of the game, Runescape has given me a lot of great stories over the years since I found it, over a decade ago. It firmly remains my favorite game, even with so many other great ones vying for my attention.

Back in 2004, when I first started playing, I had done the impossible and convinced my parents to get me a members subscription to the game, and went on eagerly gobbling up every quest I could, going around and talking to the new NPCs and searching the new cities. Eventually, wanderlust took hold, and I braved the horrifying journey over White Wolf Mountain and onto the world beyond.

I still remember Waterfall Quest in painstaking detail, even years later. figuring out how to travel, gaining Glariel's Amulet, and going toe to toe, still barehanded, with fire giants. You can imagine how that went.

Most of all though, I remember the song: Waterfall.

I still hum it today. I love the variations on it in RS3 that you put together. Both versions are on my playlist and even the old chiptune version is on my computer whenever I find myself in a wistful mood. It's beautiful, it's nuanced, and it's just one of the unending pool of reasons I'm still playing Runescape over a decade later.

17-Nov-2017 00:09:43

Pennny Lane
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Pennny Lane

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So simple, easy-going and mellow, like a sweet lullaby, it really helps me relax, and find the patience to keep mining coal, as a new account of mine makes slow yet steady progress.

17-Nov-2017 00:31:58

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