Two Icyenes in Love

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my name is Axoris. unlike the rest of my kind I am a Zarosian. my parents were killed in the 2nd age by Bandosians when I was a little boy. I flew to the first civilization I could find. I stumbled on the Zarosian capitol, Senntisten. there I went to the mahjarrat Azzanadra and told him my situation. I guess he saw potential in me that day, and he took me to his god, Zaros. Zaros saw that I was alone and didn't want to go back to Saradomin. the empty lord took it upon himself to mentor me. and only 20 years later I was among his most powerful followers. and this is where our story begins.
I was doing my usual duties around Senntisten when I noticed the mahjarrat Sliske, who had something he defiantly shouldn't. Sliske! what have I told you about stealing! I yelled at him. awww c'mon axxy! Sliske whined. we are returning that staff to Armadyl this instant! I commanded. I grabbed Sliske by the ear and teleported to Armadyl's empyrean citadel. I handed Armadyl he staff back. now what do you say Sliske? I growled. fine. I'm sorry Armadyl for stealing your staff. Sliske mumbled. Sliske teleported home while I took the scenic route. I came upon a Saradominist vs. Bandosian battle and I saw someone with beauty like I've never seen. she had orange hair with white stripes. I knew this girl. her name was Commander Zilyana. I couldn't stop staring when she looked up and saw me. uh oh. I thought. you! what are you, an Icyene doing with Zaros?! she growled wielding her sword. I have no intention of fighting my own kind especially someone as beautiful as you. I said to her. she blushed losing her anger. y-you think I'm beautiful? she gasped. yes I do. I replied. meet me outside Hallowvale at 4:00. she said. alright. I knew this is a date.
I met her at Hallowvale and took her out. first up was we went for lunch at the grand tree. wow those gnomes cook gourmet. Zilyana ordered a vegetable ball, I chomped down on a chocolate bomb. next was the Ardougne zoo. (cont. on next thread)

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