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Count to 1000 before a new osrs skill!

Players should attempt to count, in order, to 1000 before a new skill is released. Each player may only post one number at a time and should not post twice in a row. This means that before a player posts a second number, a different player must post before them.

An example game:

Player A: 1
Player B: 2
Player C: 3
Player A: 4
Player D: 5
new osrs skill Gets released
Player B: 1

If, by mistake, two or more of the same number is posted in a row by different players, those 'duplicate' numbers may not be counted as a new number. For instance, if two 10's were posted, the next player may not continue at 12. Instead, he or she must continue at 11.

To make things simpler, the rules of this thread are thus:

* One number per post.
* No player may post twice in a row.
* Once a skill gets released in osrs, it goes back to 0.
* If two or more posts in a row have the same number, they cannot be counted as the number they were meant to be.
* Duplicate posts/numbers should not be edited!
* Numbers must be posted in order.

Good luck!

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Hello ed789121main

I've locked your thread because the objective you have set is a spam and/or farm post count objective rather than a realistic objective.

If you look at the other count threads, you will see that the potential to reset a thread is within a poster's control. Your objective, the reset criteria, is not without a poster's control and, thus, is not an actual or realistic objective. Additionally, if you look at the other count threads, you will see that they have realistic end points such as 10, 25, 100, etc. Your end point of 1000 combined with the absence of an actual objective within a poster's control makes this thread a spam and/or farm post counting thread with its virtually endless posting.
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